16 thoughts on “London landmarks lit in blue as residents across UK applaud health care workers | ABC News

  1. Street Roady says:

    Heres an idea, how about asking them not to ware their UNIFORM while away from the hospitals, I see too many hospital workers in uk going to work in their HOSPITAL UNIFORM

  2. Gayatri Rao says:

    Namaste To All UK Family's. Thanks To All Doctor's, Nurses, Police officers & All.V Big Salute Ur Hard working,For Giving Treatment to My Lovely Brother's & Sister's.V Pray For God To Give Lots Of Strength & For My Family's Treatment Successful.
    All The Best Doctor's & Nurse's For Next Treatment Jai Hind.

  3. NORFIE123456 says:

    Just as a heads up to you guys, this is taking place every Thursday at 8pm while the UK is in lockdown. Also please dont just say 'healthcare workers', its the NHS in the UK and we're proud of it!

  4. Cynthia Jones says:

    If you die today will you go to heaven? Have you ever lied, stolen, used God's name as a curse word? According to God's Law, you're guilty…But wait God loves you God's son Jesus died paying for your sin. Believe & receive Jesus as your savior and you will be saved.

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